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A-Run-Rung Village ~ The new way of living based on “Sufficiency Economy”

A new project under the collaboration between a Thai monk, Phra Sangkom and Konohana Family in Surin, Northeast Thailand. We are going to take over the late Thai King Bhumibol’s will and create a truly abundant nation. This is a project to create the future of the earth.

What is the Konohana Family? The Fuji Sengen Konohana Festival, 2016

Once a year, a festival is held in Konohana Family that has continued the spirituality of the “Flower Festival”, which has been held for over 700 years at a mountain village in the central region of Japan. Clear water from the temples and rivers of 34 countries (81 places)
was delivered by like-minded people around the world for this Festival, 2016.
The water integrate into one in a pot over a furnace. Then various dancers dance around the pot by turns and the audience unites in complete harmony. Everyone continues to dance all day and celebrate the beginning of a new era

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