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En marge du monde〈 Canada, 2019 〉

This is a documentary show aired in Quebec, Canada, in 2019. It is 48 minutes and dubbed in French. Please go to the website of the show and click Épisode 08 “Tomoko Kuwahara – Japon”.

脫網人生 〜 Off grid 〜 鄰里篇〈 Hong Kong, 2019 〉

A TV series about off-grid living aired in Hong Kong in 2019. It is about 21 minutes and the last 10 minutes features Konohana Family, dubbed in Cantonese. Please go to the website of the show and click the play button.

Life Explorer〈 Thai, 2018 〉

A famous Thai actress, Nungthida Sopon, experienced life of Konohana Family and found something that she didn’t expected before. This show was aired in Thai in 2018. Though it only has Thai subtitles, you can find some parts spoken in English.

A-Run-Rung Village ~ The new way of living based on “Sufficiency Economy”

A new project under the collaboration between a Thai monk, Phra Sangkom and Konohana Family in Surin, Northeast Thailand. We are going to take over the late Thai King Bhumibol’s will and create a truly abundant nation. This is a project to create the future of the earth.

What is the Konohana Family? The Fuji Sengen Konohana Festival, 2016

Once a year, a festival is held in Konohana Family that has continued the spirituality of the “Flower Festival”, which has been held for over 700 years at a mountain village in the central region of Japan. Clear water from the temples and rivers of 34 countries (81 places)
was delivered by like-minded people around the world for this Festival, 2016.
The water integrate into one in a pot over a furnace. Then various dancers dance around the pot by turns and the audience unites in complete harmony. Everyone continues to dance all day and celebrate the beginning of a new era

Seeds from the Heart〈 Taiwan, 2013 〉

A Taiwanese TV program with English subtitles. A boy came to Japan from Taiwan to experience farming, and he finally arrived Konohana Family. He started to change gradually while staying there.

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