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TV shows aired around the world

En marge du monde – On the fringes of the world〈 Canada, 2019 〉

This show is a documentary series which follows people around the world who have chosen to live in different ways from the general values of modern society, and was met with a great response. It begins with the question, “How is it possible for each person to silence their ego and put the interest of the group before their own?”

脫網人生 〜 Off grid 〜 鄰里篇〈 Hong Kong, 2019 〉

A TV series about off-grid living aired in Hong Kong in 2019. It is about 21 minutes show dubbed in Cantonese, and the last 10 minutes features Konohana Family. Please go to the website of the show and click the play button.

Life Explorer〈 Thai, 2018 〉

A famous Thai actress, Nungthida Sopon, experienced life of Konohana Family and found something that she didn’t expected before. The subtitles are in Thai, but some of the member interviews are spoken in English.

Videos produced by the Konohana family

How to be the change for a sustainable Earth

The video produced in 2022 for the online course “How to be the change for a sustainable Earth” at the University of Delhi, India.

The Life of The Konohana Family

A video in which members introduce their lives from various aspects. There is also a concert version that focuses on songs that express their lives.

What is the Konohana Family? The Fuji Sengen Konohana Festival, 2016

An introductory video of the Fuji Sengen Konohana Festival, which has descended from the important intangible national folk cultural heritage “Hana-Matsuri” with a history of over 700 years.

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