The Natural Therapy Program

What is the Natural Therapy Program?

We provide physical & mental healing based on KF living and harmonious spirituality for those with mental disorders (depression, schizophrenia), various dependencies (drug, alcohol and nicotine), problematic actions (NEET, school refusal, stay-at home), and lifestyle diseases, not only reliant on conventional medical treatment.

Basically, we accept only people who have a will to improve their current state in the Natural Therapy Program. Therefore, we confirm their will through counseling before they take the program.

For international guests, an English or Japanese skill at the conversational level is required, since they will recover their health through communication such as keeping the journals and receiving counseling.

As for the cost, it costs 3300 JPY per day, including accommodation, meals, laundry, facility charge, etc. All the care-related services such as counseling, support system, etc. are provided free of charge.

ともこThe Natural Therapy Program