How to get to Konohana Family

From Narita International Airport

Here are directions from Narita Int’l Airport to Konohana.
You can take two buses as below.

Bus 1: Narita Airport to Tokyo Station Yaesu South Gate

“The Access Narita” or “Keisei Tokyo Shuttle”

The bus costs 1,000 JPY and takes about 100 minutes.
(Arrival time may vary by your travel time and traffic condition)
Then, you can take another bus to Fujinomiya Station.

Bus 2: Tokyo Station Yaesu South Gate to Fujinomiya Station

Dept.: Tokyo Station Yaesu South Gate
Arrive: Fujinomiya Station

The bus costs 2,570 JPY and takes 2 hours and 40 minutes.
It goes to Taisekiji, closest bus terminal from us and costs 2,780 JPY.

Here is the time table:

Dept. from Tokyo Station
Arrv. at Fujinomiya Sta.
(15 mins from Konohana) Taisekiji
(5 mins from Konohana)
*8:10 10:31 11:00
10:00 12:21 12:48
13:50 16:11
15:30 17:51
18:20 20:41
  • *8:10 bus only runs on Monday ,Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday to Taisekiji. On other days, you can get off at the Fujinomiya Station.
  • Tokyo Sta. Bus stop Information
  • You can call JR Bus Kanto at 03-3844-0495 to book a ticket. (In Japanese)
  • We are able to come and pick you up at the terminal. It costs 594 JPY (one way) per person.
  • If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us (TEL 0544-66-0250).
ともこHow to get to Konohana Family